Plays and Sonnets by Robert R. Bowie, Jr.

I spent much of my college education studying literature and poetry yet I have spent all of my professional life practicing law as a business litigator.

bob_bowieDuring my career I was never quite able to extinguish my love for poetry and plays. This web page is an effort to contribute to the craft that I love and respect so much.

I have had eight plays produced and performed and I have chosen four of those to be posted here.

I also agreed to exchange by e-mail a sonnet a week for a year with a friend for reading with coffee on Monday morning.

My brother has commented that some are better than others. More accurately he said “some Sunday nights a little too much Scotch, other Sunday nights, not enough.” I have also included all of them in the order they were written.

As my career as a litigator continues to grow I am committed to focusing more passionately on my love of literature. My only hope is to entertain.

Thank you again for your visit.